We love the new flower beds in the front of the building, it makes the facility more inviting.

Deidra Harcrow


I am so glad to have my brother at such as caring facility where everyone is so kind and helpful.

Tony Wheeler


This is the nicest nursing home I have ever been in and I love the staff and everyone is so nice and kind to me. I am thankful for the care my fiance’ is receiving.

Kathleen Weirich


I love the work environment and all the parties and fun times we have at the facility. I also am excited to have a new furry friend at the facility.

Julia Smith


I am enjoying having a garden the elders can pick fresh vegetables from and also the new flowers beds in the front and back of the facility are nice for the elders to have a place they can sit and look at pretty plants and flowers.

Ron Hickman


We are so appreciative of the care my father received before he passed away. The facility is much cleaner and the staff is very nice and caring.

Joyce Goshen


I am so thankful I am a home where people love me and I love them back. All of my needs are met and people go out of their way to help me in any way they can.

Brenda Cross


I am very glad we have a new furry friend that sometimes sleeps under my bed and keeps me company. 

Carol Henderson


I am grateful for the team work between administrative staff and facility.  The facility is more of a calming environment.

Brooke Garner